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What Does Home Health Aide Training Include?

Home Health Aides receive specific training in some unique skills that allow them to assist patients at home instead of at traditional medical facilities.  Patients can range from elderly, to disabled, to chronically ill individuals that do not require hospitalization.  Much of the training will focus on developing skills that are unique to working in someone’s home.  For example, much of your time might be spent simply keeping the patient company or helping to prepare meals.

40 & 120 Hour Program

Students enrolled in the Home Health Aide Training Program will be taught the following course modules:

  • Role of the Aide and the Agency in the patient's care

  • Assessing the Social and Medical needs of the patient

  • Providing personal care services

  • Meal preparation and nutrition

  • Basic care and cleaning of patients’ home

Program Tuition Includes:

  • Textbook

  • Uniform

Upcoming Class Schedule



  • April 24th-29th 2023


$750 40 hr. HHA / $2,250 120 hr. HHA 

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